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Implementing Lean Six Sigma is more complicated than it seems at the beginning. The reason lies in all the steps that need to be followed but mostly in having to choose the right tools while applying them in a company. As a result, consulting services for this methodology are quite requested. 6 Sigma is the most effective method for process improvement but also to focus on the customers’ needs and requirements.

Therefore, it is a great decision to choose to implement it in your company if you are aiming to achieve better results and boost your performance. The difficult part about it is being able to find experts that can deliver the desired results.

LSS Michigan- Lean Six Sigma Consulting

Lean Six Sigma consulting services are popular and in demand, but they are not that simple to access when you need to determine the best company and experts for it. Understanding and being able to interpret Lean 6 Sigma is not enough to meet the objectives. It is necessary to know how to integrate it according to the company’s needs.

At Lean Six Sigma Experts of Michigan, we can provide you with assistance and support thanks to our consultants. Our 6 Sigma consultants will take care of the implementation and guarantee you are able to start and manage LSS projects and lead them to success. But more than implementing and managing projects, consultants have the task to control quality standards, measure processes, and follow all the required steps to maintain the changes and results.

For this, LSS principles, concepts, tools, and additional methods will need to be used properly and while we are on it, we could be able to teach you how we do it.

Should You Hire Lean Six Sigma Consultants?

Something no one can deny is that consultants can be very expensive. Therefore, not everyone can afford to hire them or deciding to leave the tasks to these experts. When it is about Six Sigma, you do not have to rely on consultants alone since the option of developing talent to have your own team is available.

However, consultants are more efficient, obtain results in no time, and are able to provide your workers with training in the process. These facts alone give you part of the answer to the main question since Lean Six Sigma consultants are mostly required when you want to achieve results as fast as possible. Most companies or organizations that decide to apply the methodology are either going through many problems and a crisis or need to integrate it to guarantee they remain competitive in the industry.

In both cases, results in a matter of weeks are crucial and something only consultants can make possible. Knowing this, what we can tell you about you needing 6 Sigma consultants is: if you need fast results and ensure they will be what you need and expect, they are your best option. Besides, they not only focus on working on the projects and tasks related to the methodology but also guarantee other aspects of the company are improving.

The objectives of the consultant can vary while also maintaining the main ones from Six Sigma. Based on this, we can tell you that a consultant can help you to achieve all these goals:

  • Maintain customer retention.
  • Deliver valuable products and services.
  • Focus on customer requirements.
  • Control production and quality management.
  • Maintain changes implemented with the methodology.
  • Train employees in your company if requested.
  • Make flexibility and change part of the company policy.
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Who Are the Best Lean Six Sigma Consultants?

Going back to what we mentioned at the beginning, choosing your consultants wisely is a must. Many companies and experts offer their services in Michigan, which will make the decision difficult due to the number of options you have. Also, the common question of “Who is the best?” is natural and every consultant will sell you the idea that he or she is the best one you can go for.

Now, what we will tell you right now might sound just the same. But instead of just telling you that we are the best, we will provide you with facts and reasons to prove it. Unlike other companies in the industry, we are focused on providing consultants that not only adjust to your needs but also budget. We mentioned that consulting services are expensive, and this applies ten times more to Lean Six Sigma.

But since we want companies to be able to apply the methodology and obtain all the benefits that come from it, we have experienced consultants with different rates. This means you can choose from our list of professionals and expect to get the results you want regardless of the final consultant—or consultants—you decide to work with. Other reasons we can give you are:

  • We are responsible and always meet our deadlines for every LSS project.
  • We have worked with a wide variety of companies from all industries, which has provided us experience in different fields.
  • Our programs and plans are created after assessing your company. We will not use the same tools or methods to apply Six Sigma but rather make a plan for it to work in your business alone.
  • Our Six Sigma consultants can reach out to you in less than 24 hours.
  • All our experts are available for companies and even individuals throughout the state.
  • You can request our consultants to train part of your employees and guide them in the projects.
  • You are not obligated to hire us for a specific period.

How to Access Our Lean Six Sigma Consulting Services

As long as you are located in Michigan, you will not have problems reaching out to us. We have made sure to have experts and consultants available throughout the state, including towns where most companies do not reach to. All it takes is a call, email, or visit to the nearest offices to your company or location.

Also, keep in mind companies might be the ones requiring our consultants, but do not feel limited to request guidance in your personal journey with the methodology.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.