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A way to have more career options, work opportunities, develop valuable skills and a better salary is by getting Lean Six Sigma training regardless of the industry or company you want to work in. Six Sigma is a methodology that has gained popularity since it was created in the 80s, but it is due to how efficient it is in achieving process improvement.

As a result, experts who know how to work with it and apply it in a company are quite valuable and requested. But since the methodology is so popular and needed, is not only natural to find professionals in it no matter where you go?

LSS Michigan- Lean Six Sigma Training

Actually, 6 Sigma experts are rare to find and when you get access to one of a company that provides services, it is very unlikely they will be able to deliver the desired results. Therefore, finding real talent and expertise in Sigma is not simple and even if there was competence for it, anyone knowledgeable and experienced in the methodology would continue to be valuable.

Now, if you are a company that is looking for these experts or just trying to implement the methodology, you can choose to find the consultants for it, which will be more difficult compared to any other services. Or you can go for the option of developing talent by training part of your workers who will handle LSS projects later on. Our company, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Michigan, can help you by providing the solution for both options:

  • 6 Sigma consultants who know how to implement and handle the entire process.
  • Training for your workers in order to prepare them for different roles.

From the two alternatives, we highly recommend companies to go for the latest one if possible. Having your own experts and taking the unutilized talent will help your company in many other ways. And since our training is available online or the traditional in-person option, you can take your time to train your workers based on what is more comfortable for you and them.

What Six Sigma Training Do We Offer?

To learn about Sigma, individuals will need to choose from different options that consist of the levels in the methodology: yellow, green, and black. More than levels, they are known as ‘belts’, and although they are more besides those three, they correspond to the main ones. Now, what is there to choose from these belts?

Each belt focuses on different topics and the roles the expert will be able to fulfill when completing the training will vary. They will go from small data collecting to being the leader and supervisor of all LSS projects and processes. Therefore, it is key to identify the right training that suits your needs and objectives:

It is the introductory level for Six Sigma where the basics, structure, concepts, principles, and main tools of the methodology are included in the learning objectives. Anyone who has zero knowledge or experience with LSS should definitely aim for this course since it provides the required base to climb in levels and have better opportunities. It also works better when the goal is to complement specific skills for a job position.

However, a yellow belt is not required if you want to go for a green or black belt directly, but it can help to make the process faster and prepare you more for future roles. With that said, you can also fulfill small roles within an LSS team, like data analyst, data collector, measure projects and processes, and reporting project issues.

More than theory or studying, it is a matter of understanding how Six Sigma is implemented and how you will contribute to it. You need to start developing leadership skills, achieve a full understanding of the methodology, and guarantee you are able to start and manage projects. For this, we have included a wide range of topics that have DMAIC, Six Sigma tools, Lean principles, risk mitigation, customer satisfaction, and decision-making as the main ones.

For the roles to fulfill when completing the training, they are more aimed at leadership ones. Besides starting and managing projects, green belts are able to train yellow belts and be more involved in planning strategies to make improvements in the processes and company’s performance.

Understanding all Six Sigma philosophies, principles, learning how to use the tools, and developing leadership skills as well as problem-solving ones are the objectives of this training. Experts that get trained and certified in the black belt are the leaders, mentors, teachers, supervisors, and coaches of the entire team.

Therefore, a lot of responsibilities and tasks are included. If you want to fulfill leadership roles and climb to high positions within a company, a black belt suits your goals.

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Why Access Lean Six Sigma Training

Be it for companies or individuals, training means improvement and more opportunities. However, when it comes to reasons why you should consider it for your organization or as a personal achievement, the reasons are not the same.

For companies, Six Sigma training allows them to develop talent and have an entire team ready to start and manage projects to achieve the main objectives of the methodology. But other benefits are included as well:

  • Increase employee involvement.
  • Reduce waste and eliminate variations.
  • Customer satisfaction.
  • Flexibility and change.
  • Understand processes and production.
  • Offer valuable services and products.

Having well-trained experts will be a must if you want to achieve this in any organization. For individuals, it is a matter of personal growth and benefits that come with it:

  • Better salary—with any of the three belts training.
  • More career options and work opportunities.
  • Increase the value of your work and role within a company.
  • Develop problem-solving skills and leadership ones.
  • Learn how to work as a team.
  • Climb to better job positions.
  • Use specific skills for your personal projects.
  • Handle the Six Sigma integration for your own company.

We are confident you will find training more than useful regardless of your situation. And when that happens, our team at Lean Six Sigma Experts of Michigan will be more than happy to start it with you.

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