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Covering Lean Six Sigma needs in a company or for a person that is interested in the methodology is harder than it seems. This is why not all experts in the methodology are able to provide solutions for every need, but we have made sure to offer more main services to assist you in several projects. 6 Sigma is the most important process improvement methodology nowadays, which is why it is quite normal to notice companies and individuals in need of services and experts for it.

However, the main problem starts with how difficult it is to find experts in the first place. There is a reduced number of people who understand but also can implement Six Sigma despite the methodology being quite needed in all companies and organizations. Therefore, what can companies do in order to start integrating it into their processes? And what alternative do individuals who want to learn, have?

LSS Michigan Services

You do not have to give up on finding experts, it is only a matter of taking the time to choose wisely and determine if the option you are considering offers you all the solutions you need. In our company, Lean Six Sigma Experts of Michigan, we strive to deliver solutions for either implementation, training, and any other objective that comes to mind when it is about Six Sigma.

And unlike other companies in the state, we are not eager to help organizations alone but also give the opportunity to professionals and people overall to learn and get trained in 6 Sigma. For this, we have made sure to include several valuable services where each one will focus on different outcomes:

When it comes to learning and level of understanding of the experts in the methodology, 6 Sigma is formed by several levels or better known as belts. A yellow belt is an introductory level when it is about getting trained and certified in it. Our company approaches topics that focus on the basics, LSS structure, principles, concepts, data collecting, and terminology when delivering yellow belt training.

The service is available for companies that need to have their workers trained and introduced to Six Sigma or individuals that would bring benefits their way by including the knowledge and experience with the methodology in their curriculums. Also, anyone who gets trained and certified—later on—is able to fulfill small roles within the LSS team and company he or she works with.

Green belt is the level that comes after the yellow one and aims to prepare an expert to fulfill leadership roles, start and manage projects, and even train yellow belts. For this, the focus of the course is to offer knowledge about Six Sigma tools, DMAIC, main objectives, how to implement the methodology, and how to develop strategies to achieve results. Leadership skills and problem-solving ones start to be developed as well to guarantee the person is able to handle the projects.

Our black belt service focuses on a full understanding of the methodology, good decision-making, and guarantees the expert in this belt is able to supervise, lead, mentor, and coach team members like yellow and green belts. Problems and finding their root causes is also one of the main responsibilities of a black belt, and we are eager to help you fulfill leadership roles within a company if you decide to go for this training and service.

Yellow, green, and black belts are the only levels in Six Sigma we offer for training. Therefore, whenever you reach out to us for our courses and programs, you will need to choose one of these. Now, we have built our training based on the belts but also with two options: an in-person/traditional course and online training. This allows any worker or individual to take our training from home or during working hours from the office.

We are one of the few companies and experts in Michigan that is eager to help your students to learn about Six Sigma to bring value to their curriculums, have more career options, and develop valuable skills for their professional and personal lives. Problem-solving, decision-making, leadership, being organized, disciplined, and building confidence, are only a few of the benefits and aspects that come with this training for students.

Six Sigma is a great way to help high school students from any institution and school to have more opportunities and even be able to build a career based on this methodology alone.

For implementation, integrating Six Sigma tools, or guidance, our consultants are available for any organization. Lean Six Sigma consultants take care of different tasks: controlling quality standards, improving quality management, focusing on customer requirements, reducing waste, and achieving all the objectives of the methodology.

Companies that need to integrate 6 Sigma to start obtaining results will find consulting services more useful instead of going for training to develop talent among their employees.

Experts and people who want to work with the methodology, offer services and assistance to companies and occupy better job positions, will not only require training but also a Lean Six Sigma certification. Our company is one of the few authorized entities to provide certification for any of the previous belts—yellow, green, and black.

All the requirements to apply for certification are to be trained in the belt you are requesting and take the international exam for it. If you approve it, our company will issue the certification in no time.

Do You Need Lean Six Sigma?

Process improvement methodologies are common and Lean Six Sigma is not the only one out there. However, it is more efficient and effective when it comes to achieving the desired results, and its focus on reducing waste, working for the customer, and eliminating variations, is what allows companies to achieve additional objectives to boost their performance.

Therefore, an organization that wants to bring changes and positive results will find 6 Sigma to be a necessity instead of an option. While individuals who need to bring value to their curriculums can rely on Sigma to provide the benefit—and many others. A short answer to the question involves a ‘yes’ without hesitation.

But always make sure to determine all the benefits and objectives you accomplish with Six Sigma before making a decision. When done, we will be here to provide you with any of our solutions.

There are so many areas or regions where we offer these services with most of them being cities.

However, if you need any of these services, you need to contact us. The list below comprises the areas where we offer these services.